Coco's Annual 30th Birthday Fundraiser In Memory of Rusty

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Coco and Friends are having a celebration Birthday Fundraiser in memory of Rusty.  Rusty always loved the toys that he received from our fundraisers, they kept his beak busy all year long.
Each donation gets a Mama Ringtone! Hopefully you can add them to your phone no problem.
Coco was 30 on July 12, 2021

Coco, Lucky Lou and Floyd were lucky to make it out of the refuge alive.  We are so grateful for this.  There are so many local birds that need homes and they spend their days in cages, waiting for a family to pick them.  Purchasing toys goes DIRECTLY to the birds waiting.  They need things to pass the time.

We are raising money to purchase toys for the local birds and parrots with no families to call their own.  The kind of goal is $30,000.  One year it was $23,000 and last year it was around $12,000 I hope we can give each organization at least $3000 in toys.
We will order after the fundraiser ends and then deliver LIVE via out FB page,

To donate, purchase in quantities, each donation is $10.  So if you want to donate $20, then purchase QTY 2, if you want to donate $50, then donate QTY 5
You will not be getting a physical product, this is just the easiest way for people to donate without having to pay fees via Facebook or Gofundme pages.  Your Confirmation email is just an email you will not be receiving a physical product, it is just the easiest for everyone!

Our fundraisers always go to birds with no families.  I remember when Lucky Lou passed away, I looked at her fragile little body and thought of other birds who weren't so lucky.  Lucky Lou had people who loved and cared about her from all over the world.  She was able to access the best medical care, the best food, anything she needed she could have in the last years of her life.  I wanted that for every bird with no family.  We can do it from here for our local rescue birds.

The Nest Rehabilitation Society houses birds with serious behavioral issues and expensive medical care, pretty much unadoptable.  The Nest Moms love all the birds and we are glad we can give them this gift.  Greyhaven was responsible for the Rescue of 584 parrots in 2016 from the World Parrot Refuge.  Hopefully there is enough raised for everybirdy!!

Every dollar donated goes DIRECTLY to the birds in way of toys and specialty items on wish lists.  It actually goes twice as far, we purchase toys wholesale.  So if we raise $10,000 we actually are getting $20,000 in toys!

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