Where do you ship? 
We ship all over the world!  

What payment methods do you accept? 
We accept payments through Paypal, and online credit cards.

What currency is used? 
All of our prices are in US dollars.  

What shipping methods are used? 
The online store carries mostly print on demand items, we choose the cheapest available for that particular item.

How long will it take to ship my order? 
Depending on the item 2-5 business days.  Travel time can be up to 2 weeks, depending on where it is printed.  My sample items took about 2.5 weeks to ship to Canada.

Can I return my order? 
Defects due to the print manufacturer will be corrected at the printing partners expense.

How can I contact you? 
Please email me at [email protected]  All merchandise enquiries are handled via email.  Contacting me through Facebook, instagram may not be seen due to the volume of messages.